Virtual Football Profits Tips and Tricks

Virtual Football League Tips And Tricks

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Virtual Football League Tips And Tricks

Hello Champions,

Today I am going to share with you some virtual football league tips and tricks you can use on  nairabet, merrybet and 1960bet.

P.S The Standard Convention of names has been used in this blog post for general understanding.  See Table Below to see which names apply to whichever bookie you use.

Conversion Table

Let’s start with the following virtual football league tips and tricks…

1) Bet on draw when a team has less than 2 draws by match day 25, They will most likely draw(98%)

2)Divide you bankroll by 200 units (Money management) So if you have N10,000 you should try to always stake around the N50 range

3)If Madrid loses previous match by a 2 goal margin(2-0,3-1,4-2 etc) and Athens wins by a 2 goal margin too on that same day. Then Madrid will draw their next match! (Sure bet 100%)

4)Oslo vs Bern will go over 1.5 goals 90% of the time

5)Whenever Copenhagen plays Amsterdam,(Home and Away)… Of course this happens twice in a season… Just wait and see the results of the match, If the results of a certain of their match goes over 2.5 goals, Then I can assure you that in the next time they meet I’m 90% sure they will go under 2.5 goals… But if in any case you lose that bet… Do not fear…
they will 99% go under 2.5 goals the next time they meet… It always works… Try it…

6)When you see odds like this,
Home team 1.6 draw 4.0 Away team 4.74
or something very similar to the above odds; Check the head to head of the two teams, If the Home team has won at least 4 of their last five matches against the away team and the home team is above the away team on the league table.
Stake on the home team to win the match… It works 5 out of 6 times… Why don’t you check it out?

Stay tuned for much more virtual football league tips and tricks …

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