first-half betting system part two

The First-Half Betting System – Part Two

The First-Half Betting System – Part Two

If you missed out on part one of the First-Half Betting Series. Kindly click here now to read. Today, I want to move deeper into the series. There is so much information and statistical data that the bookies have access to while compiling odds for matches. Much more that the average punter. In other words, they know better. But that doesn’t mean they are infallible. Because of the high number of available markets to bet on nowadays, ranging from corner kicks to yellow and red cards, to players who will score, e.t.c, They sometimes miss it too. Mind you, In very common markets like 1 X 2. The data and odd compilers they have allow them to be very accurate. But in these, what i call – smaller markets. They do miss it at times. Surely, they will always be at an advantage of some sort. The only market where they is an almost equal playing ground between you and the bookies are the Live In-Play Markets. I will be starting a series on that soon. But for now: The First-Half Betting System – Part Two – Taking Advantage Of The Bookies. P.S The technique you are about to learn works across major soccer leagues.

Beyond The Odds

Below is a sample match from Merrybet. Samle match Note: There are no rules in spotting matches unlike the method in the part one. This is a match between Derby County and Nottingham Forest. Take a look at the odds for over 0.5 goals in first-half and under 1.5 goals in first half. sample   As you can see from the screenshot above, The odds for the match going over 0.5 goals in 1st half is 1.35; while the odds of the match going under 1.5 goals in 1st half is 1.45. Ok. I need to be sure you are following me here. We have said nothing too serious or technical since so i assume you and I are both on track. Ok, let’s move on. Now according to those odds you saw just now. What the bookies are trying to say is that the match has a higher possibility of going over 0.5 goals in first half, than going under 1.5 goals in first half!

Digging Deeper – The System Explained.

Now as you did in the part oneLet’s head over to my favorite statistics website. (If it returns an error message, reload it again. It will work) Using the sample match above; I will then click on Soccer > Europe > England > Championship. championship     I will then look under fixtures and find the match.   fixture   As previously explained in the part one: donext     Choose the over/under 1st half option. Then click on the 0.5 tab. As you can see from the last screenshot above, Derby has gone over 0.5 goals in first half 68% of their matches played. Nottingham has gone for exactly the same 68%. Summing the %’s togtether, 68 + 68 = 136%. I will then now click on the 1.5 tab. 1.5 So what can you see now? Derby has gone Under 1.5 goals in 1st half for 72% of their matches while Nottingham has gone for 68%. Take the summation, 72 + 68 = 140%.   So from our statistics you can see that I have deduced the following points.

  • The summation of the Over 0.5 goals in first half odds for the fixture yielded 136%
  • The summation of the Under 1.5 goals in first half odds for the fixture yielded 140%
  • Its safe to say from the data that this fixture actually has a higher chance of going Under 1.5 goals in first half.


Taking Advantage.

Remember this screenshot frrom above? sample   The odds for Under 1.5 goals is actually higher than that of Over 0.5 goals! (1.45) So there will be more value in staking for this match to end under 1.5 goals in first half as opposed to what the odds or the bookies state! Note though that if for example someone stakes on the over 0.5 goal in first half market for this match with N1,000, his returns will be N1,350. Meanwhile another person stakes N1,000 on the under 1.5 goal in first half, his returns will be N1,450! and statistically speaking; the person with the latter bet has more chances of winning the bet! Also they could both win the bet – If the match ends 1-0 0r 0-1 at half time. It means that both the over 0.5 goals and the under 1.5 goals won. But it come down to the point: Which has more value? Surely the Under 1.5 goals in first hald market has more value on this particular fixture!

A few examples more

So that you get a better hang of this technique i will just summarise a couple more fixtures. Example 1: See Fixture Below pree See what the odds are saying:     pre   On this fixture the bookies are giving equal odds. But surely one of them must be more accurate. Let’s see what the stats are saying. The Over 0.5 goals in first half: over     Summing %’s. 70.8 + 70.8 = 141.6% The Under 1.5 goals in first half: under

Summing %’s. 70.8 + 75 = 145.8%… Here you go! The odds are same according to the bookies  but digging deeper you find that the under 1.5 goals has just a bit more value on this particular fixture. Example 2: See Fixture below


See what the odds are saying:

odd     Hmm… Nice odd for the over 0.5 goals there.   Let’s see what the stats say then. Over 0.5 goals in first half: o   Summing %’s. 66.7 + 76.2 = 142.9% Under 1.5 goals in first half: u   Summing %’s. 61.9 + 52.4 = 114.3%! Whoa! You can see a large discrepancy in the percentages there. As opposed to what the odds said, the stats are actually saying that going over 0.5 goals in this particlar fixture is of more value. And a nice juicy odd of 1.5 accompanies that!


Well, this is an issue to most punters. They have a system but do not know how to implement it. They don’t know whether to stake singles, or accumulate. They do not know what staking methods to use. Well, that’s a whole broad and extensive topic for some other day.



This is one of the commandments a pro-punter follows. When using a particular system you have to stick to it and not make decisions based on your emotions. If you test and find this system effective enough, then follow the rules. Stick to it. Don’t assume. Use the statistics and techniques outlined.


These systems are self-developed as you wouldn’t find them any place else online. I cannot in any way assure or guarantee you of 100% wins or success using any of these free systems. I just do my best to constantly help and provide value to my fans.

Must Have/Do

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Your Turn

Now i have explained and covered the part two of the series. First-Half Betting System. Let me know what you think about this. Do you have any ideas, suggestions? Drop it below in the comments section, lets talk about it. Don’t forget to share this post to other punters too. Let us hear what they think too. I hope this helps you. To Your Success!

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  • GN

    Pls teach me how to use the betradar…

  • Linda Sven

    i would like to talk to you on the phone but i cant find your number

  • Nuno

    Hey men, let’s get serious. These pseudo-systems has zero value, if not properly backtested.

    • Thanks for your comments. How about you front-test the system without staking real cash. Just make a chart of results. Do this over the span of a month or two, Then come back with your results. Thanks 🙂

      • Nuno

        Thanks for the comment.

        But why would I do that? I am not the one stating this is a profitable system.
        To be honest, statistics playing is the bread and butter for the bookies and I really doubt you can make, with a system solely based on stats.

        But if you still believe on that, take 1 or 2 months, and after at least 100 picks, we can have some reasons to believe this is the way to go!

        Have a great weekend.

        • Thanks. Did you by any chance read the disclaimer on the post? There are a lot of systems out there on the internet that works and doesn’t. This is one i developed. Tested and works good. The testing period hasn’t been too long but the results are quite good and like i said in the post above, monetizing a system is one major problem for punters. I usually play doubles and trebles on this system taking the “best matches” which fit with the system every weekend. The results have been good with a 21.5% profits after 5 months. I could update you with the reults too after i couple more months if you remind me. I hope this helps.