The First-Half Betting System

The First-Half Betting System – Part One

The First-Half Betting System – Part One

One thing I try as much to avoid – except of course its a really good value bet – is staking on the 1 x 2 face value of a match. This is of course the most popular. People stake on Home team to win, draw or away win. The more common and most definitely absurd one is seeing someone accumulate 18 matches of home wins, draws and away wins expecting to win millions. You could as well just give the bookies your money directly instead of betting.  I mean, common, the odds are stacked up against you for one match let alone 18!!! I have seen quite a few peeps get pretty darn lucky with bets like this and scoop in some real good cash. But it rarely happens. You are most likely bound to lose. A friend of mine of recent told me how he had been accumulating 12 matches with a stake of  N1000 every friday and saturday for the past one year without success. I’m hardly surprised.

Well for me, I dig deeper. The bookies are always at an advantage. What a Pro Punter aims for is to reduce that advantage as much as possible and create and almost equal playing ground for him and the bookie. He aims to do this combining so much statistical data and information to enable him make a much more informed decision.

Today I want to share with you guys the first part of the series. The First-Half Betting System.

I will cover the over 0.5 goals in first-half technique in this part.

What does the Over 0.5 goals in First-Half mean?

Simple. It just requires that any of the two teams playing score just one goal in the first half. It doesn’t matter who scores the goal. Home or Away. So as long as the first half does not end without goals you win.

Digging Deeper – How this Technique works.

Its really simple and basic system, really.

Spotting the fixtures or matches to use this system on is easy also.

I will divide it into two categories.

  • The 1.7 or 1.75 Odds Fixture.
  • Any other Odds Fixture.

Let’s treat the first one.

P.S This system works better on the major leagues. EPL, La Liga, Seria A, French league, Bundesliga. It also works on the England Championship, League one, League two e.t.c

The 1.7 or 1.75 Odds Fixture

Take a look at the screen-shot from Merrybet below:

1.75 odd


As you can see, The macth between Manchester United and Southampton as the Home team with Odds of 1.75.

So If you spot the Home or Away team with odds of 1.7 or 1.75, it means the fixture just passed through stage one of the system. More often than not, the odds for over 0.5 goals in first half on this type of fixtures are usually 1.4. That’s a pretty high odd for just one goal in first half.


Head over to this betradar statistics website.

I will use the Manchester United match  above as an example for the graphical tutorial below. You can follow the same steps in spotting your own matches.

I will click on Soccer > Europe > England > Premier League.


I will then look under fixtures and find the match.



After clicking, I see a page and scroll down to this:


Choose the over/under 1st half option. Then click on the 0.5 tab.

As you can see from the box highlighted in the screenshot above, ManUtd have gone 70% over 0.5 goals in first-half this season. That is a pass mark. Southampton on the other hand have gone for 65% of their matches. That is a pass mark too. The reason I used this match as an example is because if you add up the %(percentage) together 70% + 65% = 135%.  This is the lowest that this technique can permit! So if southampton had been 64% or ManUtd had been 69%. We would have simply ignored the macth as it does not fit into the system.

So the rule is that the % of the two teams when added together must be at least 135%.

P.S To be on the safer side, Always try to get higher %’s. Sometimes I could get a match with like 160% and the odds for Over 0.5 goal in first half is 1.5!!!

Any other Odds Fixture.

So  I hope you understood the steps involved with this system when the odds are 1.7 or 1.75.

Now let’s take a look at the steps to follow if the odds are otherwise.

The only difference in the steps is you look out for a extra condition.

So let’s say for ManUtd vs Southampton, the odds are 1.6   3.8   4.75.

Now what you would look out for is the over 2.5 goal odds.

If the Odds for Over 2.5 goals is 1.7 or below, Then the match qualifies. If the odd is above 1.7. Discard the match.

So if the odds for Over 2.5 goals was 1.6. I would then head over to betradar statistics website and follow the exact same steps as outlined in the 1.7 or 1.75 odds fixture.



Well, this is an issue to most punters. They have a system but do not know how to implement it. They don’t know whether to stake singles, or accumulate. They do not know what staking methods to use. Well, that’s a whole broad and extensive topic for some other day.



This is one of the commandments a pro-punter follows. When using a particular system you have to stick to it and not make decisions based on your emotions. If you test and find this system effective enough, then follow the rules. Stick to it. Don’t assume. Use the statistics and techniques outlined.


Your Turn

Now i have explained and covered the part one of the series. First-Half Betting System.

Let me know what you think about this. Do you have any ideas, suggestions? Drop it below in the comments section, lets talk about it.

Don’t forget to share this post to other punters too. Let us hear what they think too.


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  • Simeon

    Wow. This is one of the best articles ever! Thumbs up sir. Waiting for part 2.

    • Thanks a lot Simeon. Part 2 will be available soon enough.

  • Kalu

    This guy na truly pro punter!

  • david Oreofe

    Tnx bro 4 d info. ill put it into practice. But iv a question.
    The second instance u explained, i.e d over 2.5, is it still
    for 1st half or full time. im sure d over 0.5 is for 1st
    half…but wat of d over 2.5, is it still for first half or full
    time? Tnx

    • I meant you should check over 2.5 goals for full time sir.

      • Raph-richard Agbe

        thanks for the half time Technics, but this over 2.5 strategy if it fit into the system of going 135+ then i can go ahead with over 2.5 goals for full match or go for over 0.5 for first half time?

  • Pablo T.

    A happy new year Nosa. Sophisticated system as usual. However, the Betradar link is still returning an error message.

    • Try the link again

      • samuel

        can anybody teach me how to place a bet here

      • Jason

        Hi @Nosayaba Lawani I know it’s been a little while since you last posted this article – not sure if you are even still using this system or have moved on ?? But I wanted to ask you an important question… One that didn’t have an explanation on your article that I could find… Why are you only targeting Matches with odds of $1.7 approx on the 0.5 Over 1st Half System? If it’s the (x) of goals these teams tend to score which we look for before kick-off, then why would their starting odds come into play?..

        • The reason is that the odds for that option are usually small; and matches which have those odds tend to have that over 0.5 1st half goal market.

  • david Oreofe

    I’m still having problem with d link to be trader statistics website. can someone help me out with d URL!!

  • sam

    fantastic fantastic fantastic……..

  • Marten

    hi, a very good post! I have one question. For example, if I use a multiplier of 4 (that means if I follow this post 4 matches). Is it profitable in the long term? If you bet 4x 25 euro, it means that you only have to win 1x to play break even and one win more to make a profit. What do you think.

    • I’m not sure what you mean sir. Do you mean accumulating?

      • Marten

        Yes i do

        • I wouldn’t advise that for now. But study the system, when you get a hang of it, you can try it.

          • Marten

            Thank you, looking forward on part 2

          • Have you seen the part two?

  • bosco

    Please sir, I want to confirm something from you. How do we know the exact period to carry out this technique cos ODDS changes from time to time…..thanks!

    • That’s a very good question. That is why i used 1.7 or 1.75 for the first option. There is really no hard and fast rule to it. What I usually do is check like 5 hours to the match for a more accurate information.

  • Razak David Ariyo

    wat if d percentage of a particular match is 135 & above but d odd 4
    over 0.5 in 1st half is 1.3 or 1.35 instead of 1.4, should i still go
    ahead & place bet? Also, i want 2 find out, if i find a match of odd
    1.7 or 1.75, do i also consider d opponent odd 2 be of a particular
    value? Or d opponent odd is not relevant

    • For your first question Razak, It depends on you. For me personally I prefer the odds to be at least 1.35. For your 2nd question, the opponent odd is irrelevant.

  • lekan

    Nice idea I will like to observe with some matches.

  • Sam

    Nosa! with all due respect because im your disciple on these, I doff my hat. (sabaajayi)

  • ITz Fred WaZy

    Thanks man i used your system and won today ……i targetted 150% and above and


  • ed

    Hello! Just a question. Sorry if is stupid. But in the 2nd option, with not 1.7/1.75 odds — then I should look for the over 2.5 odds below . But then, in the stats, I should look for 135+ in the 0.5 half or 2.5 full time? and i should bet on the 0.5 half if it’s everything ok? I know you said “follow the exact same steps as outlined in the 1.7 or 1.75 odds fixture” but Im not very smart! sorry my english! please give more tips, i just lost my job! cheers from brazil.

    • Yes for the “Any other odd” fixtures. Look out for the over 2.5 goals odd first, If the odds are 1.7 and below. Then go to the stats and do your additions. You need to get 135+ in over 0.5 goals first half for both teams. Your English is not that bad too! 🙂 Cheers

    • Kenface


  • Jason

    Hi @Nosayaba Lawani I know it’s been a little while since you last posted this article – not sure if you are even still using this system or have moved on ?? But I wanted to ask you an important question… One that didn’t have an explanation on your article that I could find… Why are you only targeting Matches with odds of $1.7 approx on the 0.5 Over 1st Half System? If it’s the (x) of goals these teams tend to score which we look for before kick-off, then why would their starting odds come into play?

    • Basically the essence of the starting odds is to get good odds for the over 0.5 goals half time. If say the home team are huge favorites, you would not get the odds for the over 0.5 goals any where even near 1.20 for the worst bookie.

  • Igwe

    Hi Nosa. I have gone through your ov. 0.5 odd explanations and I must confess that I’m impressed by yuor work there so I say good job. However I want to know if really need to register with betradar before I can use their system and I will also need your gentle advise me on accumulations. Please, if its adviseable to accumulate can you advise on how many atmost that one can accumulate to make a good win. Thanks.

    • You do not need to register to use the betradar statistics website. Accumulations are generally bad but when you are working with doubles or trebles. They are much better. Basically long odds accumulators to me are just for fun. If i win, i definitely will grab a drink 🙂 but if i lose, i know its spare money and just fun.

  • Ayodeji

    good morning Mr Lawani, i know it’s quite long thatb you’ve posted this article, my question is… Is this method still works till today? And it does, would it work on surebet, bet9ja etc.

    • It still very much works. They key is to getting very high % with a very decent odd so you get value.