Merrybet Predict

How to Make Money From Merrybet Predict Today

How to Make Money From Merrybet Predict Today

UPDATE: There is a new season in the merrybet predict where there are now new rules. Please click here to read the new and updated blog post i made about it.

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How to Make Money From Merrybet Predict Today…

What is Merrybet Predict?

Ok… First Question… Well Merrybet Predict as curled from the website “a promotional website for,with over N 100,000,000 to be won yearly. Merrybet Predict game involves the prediction of the outcomes of several football matches. In particular, Players will have to predict the Scores of 10 matches drawn from global soccer events. From players predictions, they would be graded on outcomes (1, X, 2) and also on Points (Based on how their predictions are close to the actual results)

So let me explain that in my own terms…

Merrybet launched a website known as Merrybet Predict… Its basically a place where you go and contest with other merrybet users in predicting the outcomes of matches weekly…

You’ll predict a set of 10 matches and points are given to you according to how well you predict a match… (One good thing is that you do not even have to predict the scores accurately to earn points) So at the end of a week, the user with the highest points win ₦100,000, second highest wins ₦50,000, third highest wins ₦30,000. Then if your position is from fourth(4th) to 103rd you win ₦1,000 worth of airtime… Sounds Yummy, huh?

Well for the first week they launched, I came 44th though 🙁 Lol… But i still got ₦1,000 worth of airtime… So basically i think its a win-win situation here.

Another beautiful thing is that you can actually predict for FREE! That’s really a catch there from merrybet, i must say. So you’re entitled to one free prediction every week. Then afterwards it costs ₦100 to predict… Pretty cheap… i should say with regards to the amount you could win weekly.

Rules Of Merrybet Predict

The rules are pretty simple to grasp. See Image below

Merrybet Predict

Merrybet Predict

Ok from the above image. You can see those are the fixtures for week two. Let’s take say Japan vs Colombia match… You’ll predict how you think the match will end e.g, 2-1… This means the match will end 2-1 in favour of Japan… Then also from the above image you can see numbers 1,2, 3 up till ten… Those are called “merry levels” They represent how “confident” you are with a particular prediction… So if you think Japan will beat Colombia 2-1 and you are very confident about this you simply chose 10.

Or if you are not so sure about it at all… You chose 1… So your confidence about a particular prediction you make is directly proportional to the merry level 1 to 10… Of course there are advantages and disadvantages of choosing a particular merry level… I’ll come to that in a bit.

How You Score Points

So let’s come to the scoring part… How you are scored based on each prediction you make…

i) You will score 20 points for a correct prediction and correct scores (Result is identical to the prediction) This means that if for example you choose Japan to win Colombia 2-1 and the match ends exactly 2-1. You’ll score 20 points. This will be multiplied by the merry level you chose for that match… You get? So lets say you were pretty much confident about the match and you chose a merry level of 8 and the match ends with the exact same score line you predicted… That means you will score 20 x 8= 160 points! Pretty high for just a single match, Yeah! So with this, The highest you can score on a given match is 200 points. That is 20 x 10 = 200… If per say, you chose a merry level of 10… This is every merrybet predict user’s dream i guess… It sorts of boosts your score well…

ii) You will score 10 points for a correct prediction and right goal difference ( You did not get the exact score, but got the goal difference) Straightforward… This means if you predict 2-1 for Japan to win Colombia for instance, and Japan them wins by 1-0… You did not get the exact prediction but you got the right goal difference of 1. So you score 10 points, and as usual, multiplied by your merry level.

iii) You will score 5 points for a correct prediction and wrong goal difference So you say Japan wins Colombia by 2-1 and Japan then wins by 3-0… You did not get the exact prediction and you did not get the right goal difference… So you just score 5 points…

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iv) For wrong prediction you would lose 1 point multiplied by your merry level. Like for me, During the first week i chose Nigeria to beat Iran 1-o and put a merry level of 10… 🙁 Nigeria as we are well aware of couldn’t score one goal… Smh! So I lost 1 point multiplied by the merry level which i chose… So i lost 10 points total. So for me that was a disadvantage… I chose the highest merry level because i was confident Nigeria was going to win and they didn’t… So the secret is to choose matches which you are sure of and favour them with higher merry levels… Now Here Comes An Interesting Part!

WEEKLY JACKPOT of N1,000,000(1 million Naira)

Wow. You can win a jackpot of 1 million naira weekly from Merrybet Predict too… This is where it all gets very interesting… Lol… Here are the Jackpot Rules JACKPOT RULES

1) You have to Get 2 strikes to win jackpot.

2)You can only get one strike per week. Playing multiple times would increase your chance of getting a strike.

3) A strike is when you get correctly if its Home Win , Draw or Away win for 8 out of 10 listed soccer matches, you don’t have to get the exact score.

4)The 2 strikes do not have to be gotten consecutively.

5)If 2 or more people get 2 strikes at the same time, jackpot would be shared between them. You see, Fairly easy to understand, the rules. All you have to do is predict correctly a Home win, draw, or Away win for at least 8 of the matches listed to win the JACKPOT of N1,000,000… But you have to do this at least twice … to be eligible to win… So after using the Free predict for that week, you can as well predict again with N100 to boost your chances… The Jackpot again is automatically rolled over if there is no winner for that week. So if there is no winner for say, week 1, the jackpot of 1 million is rolled over to week two… Then week two’s jackpot becomes 2 million naira! 🙂 Enticing, right? Hell Yeah!

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So a quick review of merrybet predict so far…

1st (Highest point for the week) : N100,000

2nd (Second Highest Point for the week): N50,000

3rd (Third highest point for the week) : N30,000

4th to 103rd ( Next 100 highest points) : N1,000 mobile Airtime for 100 people weekly( Next 100 highest points)

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Highest point for the year : N15,000,000

2nd Highest point for the year : N12,000,000

3rd Highest point for the year : N10,000,000

Please note, accumulation of points for highest points for the year would start when the 2014/2015 English premier League starts.

Merrybet Predict game is strictly for Nigerians based in Nigeria.

So as you can see from the above. When the premier league season starts, A new leadership board will start where your weekly points get accumulated and and the end of the year, the person with the highest points win 15 million naira, 2nd highest 12 million naira and third highest 10 million naira… Wow! So you can see you basically have nothing to lose but everything to win here! If you a very good with predicting, At worse, recharge card go dey enter your hand weekly… lol… 🙂 And you do not have to use your money to predict… You can decide to use the free predictions given weekly…!

Have People Won Previously?

Yes… Sure. Below were the Week One Winners of Merrybet Predict

Merrybet Predict Winner

Merrybet Predict Winner

Merrybet Predict Winner

Merrybet Predict Winner

Merrybet Predict Winner

Merrybet Predict Winner

As you can see from the above pictures, A lady actually won the first prize of the competition! WOW!!! Omo, Girls dey vex ooo! Nor be only men sabi bet… lols You can confirm this too by checking the Official Merrybet Facebook Fan Page So what are you waiting for?

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