How To Bet On The Virtual Football League

How To Bet On The Virtual Football League – A Beginner Guide

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How To Bet On The Virtual Football League – A Beginner Guide

Hello Guys,

I have been receiving a lot of calls recently

from my subscribers about what the Virtual football league means, How it runs, How to place bets e.t.c… One notable subscriber of mine,
calls me up like every-time asking me to guide her on how it works… Yes, “Her”… Lol, Her name is Esther… (Females do place bets too, Everyone wants to make more money i guess!) I wonder how she would feel after seeing me post this on my blog… Lol :p

Anyway I have decided to take time a create a comprehensive and detailed post on how to bet on the virtual football league in nairabet, merrybet and 1960bet….

The Virtual Football League on the three websites i listed above are basically the same… This service is being supplied to them by a company known as betradar. The only major difference is that the names of the teams are customized on nairabet and 1960bet.

Ok Let’s start with a brief overview….

A Brief Overview

The Virtual Football League consists of 16 teams… Below is a screenshot of the names of the teams( I’m using the standard names of the teams which i prefer. I will show you a table which i created shortly to see the customzed names in nairabet, merrybet and 1960bet. and their equivalent to the standard names)

Virtual Football League Teams

Virtual Football League Teams

So From the little photo above you can see the names of the teams too. These, as i stated earlier, are the standard names of the teams. See this image below…

Conversion Table

As you can see i have shown you the standard names of the teams and their various customized(localised) names in nairabet, merrybet and 1960bet..

Are you following? I guess so. By the end of this post you should have to a large extent understood how the virtual football league works, and how to place bets.

Ok, Back to my brief overview…

The Virtual Football League as the name implies is a “Virtual” platform, meaning the teams are not real-life teams. They are computer generated. A typical Virtual Football League Season has 30 match-days. Each match-day starts with a Pre Match which lasts for 60 seconds, You are expected to place your bets for the match-day during this time frame.

Did i hear someone just say, “That’s a little amount of time to place bets, I’d need to be very fast then”

Yes, You’re correct. You would need to be pretty fast. But the beauty about this is that you can place bets well before a match-day even starts! For example you can place a bet for a team playing on Match-day 25 even when the current match-day is 4. So the bet markets are open for every match-day even before the 60-second delay prior to a kick-off You get the idea?

OK, Let’s Continue…

After the pre-match ends… The matches to be played for that match-day begins…

Live table




As you can see from the table above, There is a box which i labelled “A” and another “B”.

When a match-day kicks-off, the section labelled A shows you the live scores of the match as they are being played, The other section, “B” shows you the live table of the current season… As you can see from the table, this screenshot as taken on match-day 11. The green arrows you see on the live table shows you teams that are winning or better yet teams that are moving up the table. The red arrow shows teams that are moving down the table. The places you see no arrows show that the team is neither moving up nor down… Comprende?


Now see another image below…




From the image above i created 5 pointers. I will explain them to you…

(1) That little icon this arrow is pointing to, when clicked, takes you to a new window where you get to see the statistics of the league from the past 20 seasons or thereabout… You will see the table, previous match results, Fixtures, Head-to-Head record e.t.c…

(2)The arrow in pointer No. 2 is pointing to a box. This is where the videos of whichever live match you choose to watch shows… As you can see, I put mine off… (I recommend you to do that whenever you are in the virtual football league platform because it eats up internet data quickly. See No. 3 for how to do this…)

(3) The icon you see the arrow pointing to is what you will click to turn the video off or on…

(4)This shows you, when clicked of course, the formation of the teams of any particular fixture you choose…

(5)Shows you current season and match-day…

So you should be pretty familiar with this screen now…

Let’s Continue…

Each match-day consists of 8 fixtures… Each half (first half and second half) lasts for 1 minute 30 seconds apiece. There is a 10-second break at the end of the first half… There is also a 10-second break at the end of the second half… This break is known as the Post Match-day… So a typical match (not match day) lasts for about 3 minutes 20 seconds… This means if you place your bets before a match day you only need to wait for about 3 minutes to see your winnings… Hmm… Pretty fast huh? That’s why i love the Virtual Football League… Unlike real-life matches where you have to wait for hours for the matches to be played.

So with a Pre-Match of 1 minute, and a match lasting about 3 minutes, then 30 matches in a season… A Virtual Football League Season roughly lasts about 120 minutes give or take… You can also get roughly 9-10 seasons in a single day…

See another image below…


Let me explain

(1) This is the next match-day, that is, the next set of matches going to be played after the current one is over… From the image above you can see that this is Match-day 20…

(2)This shows you the “current season number/Match-day number…”

(3)This is the current match-day… From the image, it shows you this is match-day 19

The other “little arrows” you see pointing to the numbers in the image is to indicate that, you can click on future match-days and place bets on them…


Place Bets

How To Place Bets


From the image above you will notice that there are 10 markets for you to choose from…

This particular fixture VFL London vs VFL Paris contains the markets over 4.5 goals… Most other fixtures do not contain this market… They mostly have over 1.5 goals, over 2.5 goals ad over 3.5 goals… Some other fixture even contain Over 0.5 goals, Like VFL Copenhagen vs VFL Zagreb…

So whatever market you want to stake on… Simply click on the Odds… A box will appear at the top right hand corner of your screen… See image below…

Place Bets

I chose this particular fixture… VFL Amsterdam vs VFL Lisbon… I chose Amsterdam to win at Odds of 1.70… I placed N1,000…

My winnings If i won will be N1,700…

When you decide the amount you want to stake, Simply Click Next to place your bets…

The minimum amount you can stake on Merrybet is N50…

So I hope I have at least to a large extent covered up the basics for you to understand the virtual football league and get started with it…

Please Feel Free to ask questions and comment below 🙂

I’ll reply as quick as possible…

Feel free to also share this post… I would really appreciate that…

P.S Daaaaaamn! It’s way past 12 am! I should be sleeping by now… Lols… 🙂


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  • esther

    pls can bet in advance because that pre-match is always very fast to place a bet

    • Yes Esther, Like i said you can bet on a match even before the match day, it doesn’t have to be only during the pre-match… Thank you

      • danny furtado

        i like virtual foot ball profits please just teach me how to do it better

        • Thank you for your comment… I hope you have gotten the basic of the VFL league with this article…
          All You Need Now Is Watch Out for my free tips and tricks or you can kick-start earning today by getting hold of The “Five Team Killer-Win Strategy” at

  • isolaniyipeter

    honestly after reading ur free tips
    a question comes to my mind dat why do u give it out free simple and concise?
    although i have never use it coz i am on mobile but i saw it been a great info indeed. nyc job indeed

    • Thank you so much for your comments. I do appreciate.
      Let’s just say i like to help that’s why i give out free tips you can use to make some cash regularly…
      It gladdens me people benefit from my service…

  • Segun

    teach or send Ur Ebook On NAIRABET Vfl Dog Race, LUCKY-SIX GAME

  • edosa

    broz i will to sit with u n tutor me abt dis.Plz were cn i mit u am in delta

    • I currently do not offer one-on-one training… But I plan on doing that hopefully soon enough…

  • tony

    am having problem placing a bet on merry bet, following your five killer strategy
    when i place a bet it will either say ‘undefined or your account has been close ‘ evene wen the macth has not staeted

    • It is probably an error from them. It will be sorted out. Try to contact them.

      • Kenny

        Nice post bro, this vfl of a thing, you said its a tournament in which you have to play some seasons, my question is that, do one only have access to choose only a team through out the season,…… Thanks your reply will be appreciated

        • No, You can definitely choose different teams. Its like a normal football league. You can decide to bet on ManUtd today, then Chelsea tomorrow, e.t.c. You can also accumulate too.

          • Kenny


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  • Akindele Gbenag

    Please Nasayaba Lawani, you have been sending me messages recently, the truth is that i really love your strategic but it is only for those who have enough money to finance it. I really wish to register but i cant afford the money. The fact that u do say that any valuable thing that is been given to people free will not be valued. It’s true, but regarding my case, i promise to value it alot because this 1960bet has almost ruined me, and i am ready to value any assistance rendered to me regarding this betting tips. Please help me and i promise to surely repay back your kindness someday. I am pleading in the name of God

    • 🙂 Kindly place a call to me.

      • Kenny

        How can I get your ebook please

  • 🙂 Kindly place a call to me.

  • Olaitan Laortto Utd Nijagrin

    i didnt understand this twick at all…and i want to know it

  • Segun

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