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The Virtual Football League Teams FAQS – What teams do I bet on?

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The Virtual Football League Teams FAQS – What teams do I bet on?

A few days ago, I was trying to get ideas for a new blog post. I hit a writer’s block. I decided to take a break and check my mails.

One particular mail struck me. In fact, I was vexed with the content of the mail. ‘Why would someone ask me a question this dumb and vague?’ I wondered. As i was about deleting the mail, something clicked in me. I stopped and i read the mail again.

“Hello sir, Please I’ve been following virtual football for a long time. I simply do not know what teams to bet on”

Then it hit me. Though the question was very vague. It came as a result of something – lack of adequate information.

So i quickly replied the sender telling him i will answer his question in a few days time on my blog.

Hence the birth of a new series on the blog. Virtual Football League FAQs. So from time to time, viewers and subscribers can ask questions in the comment section of every of my blog posts and i will take time to screen the question with the ‘vaguest’ meaning and make a blog post off it. Lol. 🙂 I’m kidding. You can ask anything, I will just simply select one and make a post off it. But before then, I have one to answer now. Come with me.

In the virtual football league. There are sixteen(16) teams. With different strengths and winning abilities. Just like in the real football world, Manchester City is perhaps more stronger that Burnley FC. So it is in the virtual football league. As i pondered over his question, I thought the best way to answer it would be to give a description of how the virtual football league teams differs in strength and ability.


P.S The Standard Convention of names has been used in this blog post for general understanding.  See Table Below to see which virtual football league teams apply to whichever bookie you use whether nairabet, merrybet or 1960bet.

virtual football league teams Conversion Table


I would divide the 16 teams into three categories.

The Top Flight Virtual Football League Teams

Madrid, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Oslo, Rome.

P.S If you use nairabet, the names of the teams are already customized.  Download this conversion table here

1) Madrid.

This is one of my favourite teams in the league. One thing i love about them is they score a lot of goals. They definitely score the most goals more consistently than any other top-flight team. They are also very good at home. When they play at home, they usually have small odds but sometimes they could be very much worth it. Also its rare not to see them in the top four or top five positions in a league season. They also rarely draw matches. So if you are looking for a team to give you your money’s worth on over 2.5 goals or even over 3.5 goals. This is the team to watch out for.



Similar to Madrid. Score a lot of goals too. Almost always finish top five every season. Over 2.5 goals? Yes! They are good on that. Over 3.5 goals? Errr, Not quite like Madrid but Ok. Over 1.5 goals. Yes! They mostly go over 1.5 goals in a season like around 85 to 90% of the time. Are they playing a fellow top flight team away? Just check their position on the table, if they are above the other team, Why don’t you give them a Handicap 0:1? Might win it for you!


I love Amsterdam. Second favourite for me. When you need them the most, they get the job done for you. They go over 2.5 goals mostly. Score a lot of goals too. In many ways they are similar to Madrid. But i personally think they aren’t as strong as Madrid though. Why don’t you back to to win when they are playing a very weak team? Be careful though and stake wisely.


Top team. Tough team to best too by similar top flight teams. Some seasons they like finishing off a game during the first half. Other seasons they suddenly don’t know how to score goals. Might be a good team to try out on first half win.

5 and 6) Oslo and Rome.

I grouped them together because they are a lot alike. Though Oslo is a bit stronger. Oslo won’t get you much goals as Rome. Rome are good with goals. Most times when they play Madrid or Paris, Its a rain of goals. Though sometimes, Just like in real life. A game between two top flight tams could end in a bore 0-0 draw. These two teams also, they are not really steady as per ending a season strongly. Sometimes they could go ahead and win the league. Other times they could finish 8th or 9th position. I see these teams a lot more like Arsenal, :p.

P.S I’m a chelsea fan. Hence the diss. 🙂

Want a value for your odds as favourites? Back them to win!

The Middle Class Virtual Football League Teams

Paris, Lisbon, Stockholm, Zagreb, Copenhagen.

7) Paris

One reason I love this team is they could sometimes be a top flight team. I have seen the win leagues. Finishing off like of Madrid and the rest along the way. For me, I call the my “Middle Class Madrid”. Yes. They are a lot like Madrid but way weaker in terms of ability. In fact whenever Paris meets Madrid, Its always a battle. Madrid mostly comes out tops but not without Paris giving them a fight. Sometimes they go ahead an win! So whenever they meet, You see a lot of goals. Go ahead yourself and check out the head to head meetings of these two teams. Mostly Over 2.5 goals. Paris also gives you a value betting odd. Looking for a team to back over 1.5 goals? Check out Paris.


Okay One confession here. I hate Lisbon. 🙁 Lols… I really can’t point out why. Maybe its because of their name.  They also seem to be a very confused team. Sometimes they win the league. Sometimes they finish rock bottom! Yes! I have sen them win the league, then a couple seasons later. They finish last. LOL. I mean who does that? Anyway, my emotions aside. They are a good team for the under 2.5 goal market. They score few goals mostly and also concede a few too. Back them to win a smaller team while playing at home for a value odd.

9 and 10) Zagreb and Copenhagen.

They are like Bonnie and Clyde. Sorry, I couldn’t find a better comparison.

These two teams are grouped together ‘cos they are a lot alike.

Looking for teams that mostly draw? They are the ones. Teams that score very few goals? They are the ones. Teams that draw first half? These two come in handy!

11) Stockholm.

A lot like Paris. Score goals. Concede goals too. A very nice team to make cash in the over 1.5 goal market. They are also very strong at times. I have seen this team come 2nd position before. Sometimes they are ruthless to the smaller teams.

The Low Class Virtual Football League Teams

Vienna, Edinburg, Athens, Bern, Ankara.

12) Vienna.

One thing with the low class teams is sometimes their ability to start the season strongly. Whenever i see this happen. I just smile. Why? Because i know they will definitely drop when the table starts taking shape. Vienna is one of those teams. But one particular thing with them is their ability to hold off the top flight teams when they are at home. Looking for a team to give handicap 2:0 at home? Vienna it is.

13) Edinburg.

They share the same hatred with Lisbon. Spoilers. They have no intention of winning a match. Yet they give the top flight teams problems. Emotion aside. Good team for an over 1.5 goal stake.

14 and 15 and  16) Athens, Bern and Ankara.

They love the bottom of the table. Though sometimes they might spring a little surprise here and there. They usually lose. Be careful though and stake wisely.

I hope i have treated to a large extent the vagueness of the first question on the Virtual Football League Teams series, What teams to bet on?

Virtual Football League Teams


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Final Word

Stake wisely, Don’t stake more than you can afford to lose. Ask any questions in the comment section below.

Till next time.


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